Food Committee – Monday 16th November


Good Morning

Today was our food committee meeting in the Dining Hall.  We had a lovely turn out and a lot of good feed back.  Points that were raised today:

  • The Dining Hall has a new Head Chef, Mrs Charlotte Foster who is looking forward to creating new menu’s with myself and our team of Chef’s.  Our new menu’s will launch in January 2016
  • Returning to the menu, by popular demand, will be pork sausage with onion gravy & mash potato, sticky chicken and the Cajun Chicken.  These have all been asked for by yourselves.  If you have any more suggestions please speak to a member of the dining hall team or use the blog.
  • Water dispenser – It was asked if this could be moved.  Unfortunately due to the plumbing it can not be moved.
  • Grab & Go – To have more choice.  We offer at present 22 different choices of sandwiches (covering vegetarian, halal, meat & fish options) and 8-10 choices in baguettes.  There are 3 different choices in Panini’s and Pasta Pots.
  • Bigger Salad Container’s.  The cost involved in buying bigger salad containers is out of our budget.  There are bowls on the salad bar which hold more for pupils who wish to have more salad with their lunch.
  • Special dietary requirements.  The Dining Hall is aware of a number of pupils who require a special meal due to food allergies.  If you require a special meal please inform Matron who will make a red card up for my team.
  • Desserts for Sixth Former’s.  There are desserts available for all sixth former’s.  Due to the new recess & lunch regime we hold them behind the counters.  We ask that you ask a member of staff for them please.
  • Halal options.  All meat dishes are available in Halal.  Please ask at the service counter if you require your dish to be Halal and the ladies will source that for you.
  • Pizza to be cheese & tomato.  One week out of three the pizza is cheese & tomato this is on week two’s menu.  On week one the pizza is BBQ Chicken which is available in halal and non-halal.  Week three the pizza is pepperoni, this contains pork which is not halal.  There is a vegetarian option this day.

A big thank you to everyone who came this morning, for all your feedback and suggestions for the future.  It is all very much appreciated.

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