Food Council Wednesday 9th March 2016


  1. Gluten Free on the Grab & Go counter – We do provide Gluten Free sandwiches, pasta pots & salads.  We make these to order. Please speak with a member of the Dining Hall Team.  You can order 24 hours in advance and we can have it there ready for you.
  2. New menus starting next term, please let us have your idea’s.
  3. There are vegetarian options available daily.  There is always one main course, some days there are two.  There are other options such as Jacket potato with a choice of fillings.  Pasta with a sauce.  A full range of sandwiches, baguettes, paninis, salad pots & pasta pots.
  4. The Ice-creams we are looking into and will hopefully have an answer this week.  Please watch this space.
  5. Ketchup Dispenser – We do not have dispensers due to cross contamination.  If a pupil with a piece of chicken touched the dispenser where the sauce comes out it would be contaminated with a meat product.  If the next pupil was vegetarian or required Halal the product would not be safe for them.  This is why we have the individual sachets.
  6. If you would like an item from any of our counters which seems to have run out, please ask a member of staff.  A lot of the time we can get it from another counter.
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